Happy Returns


Happy Returns is a not for profit organisation set up to share the wonder of giving both for the recipient and the provider.

The Receiver

Our aim is to utilise unused tickets for events and provide them to people who have endured hard times, been ill or undergoing long term treatment, who go about their lives for the sake of others or go over and above the call of duty in helping others. People who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to attend such events. The feedback these people give make the receiver feel 10 feet tall and yet only so few of us are aware of the happiness it can generate for both parties. Its really is a win win situation.

The Provider

Learns what the power giving can do for the soul. The magical feeling of giving is all too often only experienced by the few. When you give like this, the feeling you receive is worth much more than attending the event itself. To make someone’s day brighter – to raise a smile or to be the provider of happiness is never ever to be underestimated.


If you would like to volunteer and have any tickets to any events you would like to go to a good cause please email us at hello@happy-returns.com